There’s a little one in this house who I call my baby.  But the reality is we’re starting to get a feel for the emerging boy.

True to his first two years of life, he is joy.  He’ll be a glass is half full kind of guy.  Heck, I think he’s beyond glass is half full.  He’ll just joyfully celebrate that there is water and drink up!

He’s  a caretaker.  As lover of animals, he’s got a predictable gentle touch and a sweet, soft voice reserved for all things furry.  His favorite books feature horses and kittens.  He’ll turn to the same page over and over.  The page with the horses running in the snow to the farmer bringing them fresh hay.

He’s an adventurer.  Always on the look out for a high climb, a big jump, or a fast slide.  There’s little need for worry though.  He knows his limits pretty well and I can trust him to heed my warnings.   He’s a sensible adventurer.  I love that about him.

We are relishing these fleeting years: I love to steel glimpses of him sleeping, his bum in the air.  As we sit down to dinner, he extends his hands to family, and smiles as we say the meal blessing.  A few minutes into the meal he’ll grab hands again, ready for another blessing.  Sometimes we have five or six blessings.  He loves to caress my face to tell me he loves me – no words needed.  He speaks so clearly with his eyes and hands.  And he sings.  Oh how he sings!

He is joy.  Pure and simple.

Happy Birthday Little Berg.


One thought on “2!

  1. Such beautiful words to match gorgeous sentiments. He is SO BIG and yet SO SMALL and tender. Gus sings lovely songs too…much easier than choppy talk (my Dad joined the choir to deal with stuttering, I still find that amazing). And Gus, too, tells me wordlessly that he loves me. With the most tender cuddles that usually leave me breathless with choked up feelings. Such special boys. I still revel in the fact that we are mothers of boys. That is what we were meant to be.

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