crevices of our souls

This weekend I ran over roads I’d never run before, past trees I’d never seen before.  Brown cottonwood leaves rustled in the wind, but the trees were still green (crunchy leaves were from times passed).  Only a few bits of yellow hung from branches, hinting at the changes to come.

Our life so beautifully mirrored in the trees: hints of color foretelling the changes to come.

We’ve said some painful goodbyes to beloved spaces in this last month.  I had hoped to share my gratitude for the experiences offered by our borrowed home at Eagle Rock.  But words weren’t right.  The teachings of a place so deep and vast will stay with us in the crevices of our souls, and that is where they belong.  It would be a disservice to try to characterize something so great with my small words.  It would like taking a river, wrapping it in shiny paper, and putting  a bow on top.

So here we are in a new place with a slow fall and bullfrogs.  Paved streets and playgrounds.  Wild plums and green grass.  Earned wisdom and new dreams.

While I needed to honor this important time in our life, that’s all the breath I can give it for now.  Time to tuck away the heaviness of learning what we love by leaving and step out anew to the freshness of living today.

I’ll be back soon.


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