seconds and years

The wee-est of the three is running and climbing, throwing and drawing, listening and watching.  I am living life not by days, or hours, or even minutes, but by seconds — the time it takes for a wee fellow to go from the ground to the table top with hand outstretched ready to grab a hot light bulb, or the time it takes to climb up the stairs and contemplate a free fall tumble.  But the wee-est is also a listener, and if I am a second ahead of him, I can give him the freedom of trying, utter a quick stop at the brink of disaster, and he stops.  Just like that.  An adventurous spirit and a trusting heart.  He’s a quiet little miracle.  A little bundle of contentment.  A child of the Earth.

A now he is half way through the second year of life.  And that makes it seems as if life is moving not in seconds, but in years.  Aaahhh.  Oh how I love him.


One thought on “seconds and years

  1. Hi Bryn,
    I can relate so much to your blog. We have similar tastes and similar life-styles (it appears). Tamara Miller referred me to your blog. I used to teach for ECSD and now I am a stay-home mom of 2 small boys. I am thinking of homeschooling. She thought you might be a good resource for me.

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