This spring has been easy on us. Yesterday we saw a caterpillar! A caterpillar on the 1st of April. Will more snow fall? How will a little caterpillar handle snow?

We’re caring for some little plants.  Plants that we saunter and jump across every day when we travel around the creeks and climb rocks.  Little miracles at our feet that we rarely notice.

There are willows on our table that we collected weeks ago.  Placed in a sunny window, catkins and leaves emerged.  Now, down at Our Own Best Secret Place, the furry little catkins are just beginning to peek out.

We’re tending to some grasshoppers. They slow down when it’s cold –well below freezing —  and start creeping and jumping as the temperature warms. I am glad we collected a few of these fellows.  I was certain they wouldn’t survive the snow and cold.  I was wrong.  More miracles.

A sat under a giant Ponderosa as the sun rose this morning and listened to the songs and calls of an eager Robin. Great resources here for observing this ubiquitous bird, which I hope to share with the boys.

We’re also caring for and observing this treasure we brought home from the woods to deposit in our own yard.  Watching to see if any of the little critters take advantage of the mineral stores in this gift from one of the giants of our forest.  Look at the banner up top.  You’ll see one elk with only one antler.  Yes, the antlers are dropping!  Soon they’ll be replaced with furry nubs.

I love spring.


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