just like him

G-man is in love. In love with firefighters. It’s part love of heroism, part love of fire, part love of a danger, and several parts love of a really awesome uniform. It’s been well over a year now that he has dressed up the part. Every. Day. It started out with one of those flimsy hats you get from the fire station and red clothes. Now it’s: long underwear pants and T-shirt (preferably blue) worn everyday as underclothes, boots tucked in pants placed by the front door, jacket and helmet hung above boots, and breathing apparatus and goggles in fire bag next to boots. Every time he leaves the house all the gear goes on. When activities demand a different wardrobe all the fire gear goes in the bag, which is stored in the car, just like the volunteer fire fighters do. He plays the part. All the time. It is intense and genuine, just like him.

Last week, G-man and some people he loves took a ride-along with our local volunteer fire department. The department is generous. Lieutenant Don, simply over the top. The details: biggest engine, sirens, horns, aerial ladder extended, pumping cannon in action, happy birthday wish from the captain over the radio. Yeah, it was amazing. Just like him.


One thought on “just like him

  1. Awwww. Love seeing this adventure! And the HUGE smiles.
    Orien loves Mr.Guthrie and had a blast..thanks for including him!

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