almost five

G-man will be 5 tomorrow. When he was toddling about New Mexico we called him cave baby due to his preference for action over words and his love of meat eaters and weapons. In that regard, he hasn’t changed much. When asked what he’d like for his birthday dinner, he requested deer, that had been shot. (I didn’t plan far enough ahead.) He acquiesced and we’re having elk. I probed for more information: steak? kabobs? burgers? He requested: the head. (Again, mom disappoints due to poor planning.) When asked about breakfast, he wants….more elk head.

The best part though, is that right now I am baking him pink cupcakes with pink frosting. That’s my G-man.


3 thoughts on “almost five

  1. I really like your post on G-Man. He looks like a lot of fun. Too bad Grandma and Grandpa are out watching birds and fishing. Love to All Aunt Nancy

  2. I would so much like to be there for your Birthday Guthrie ! I will call you later. I hope that you have a happy day and remember that I think of you always and love you even more each day….Grandma

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