a charmed life

A year ago, while crowds of people lined the streets of our little town–their jaws agape at glowing lights and songs of celebration…

… a baby boy was born.

Today that baby boy smiles.  All the time.  At everyone.

He has transformed us.  Where we were once square, we are now round.

Together we adore him.  Together we care for him.  Together we play with him and laugh with him and explore with him.

He makes us more whole than parts.

And what a life he leads: already wrestling, pushing trucks, playing catch, chase and hide-and-go-seek.  He is as fortunate as we are.

With two brothers to lead him, he is so big for one.  With two sons growing ahead of him,  he feels so small,  still so new to this world — the paradox of being the baby of a family.  A charmed life, if you ask me: to be loved so much, by so many, in the most ordinary way.

Happy Birthday, Little Berg.


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