autumn gatherings, clothes boys and other unrelated moments in time

We have been blessed, this fall, with some unbelievable warm weather.  Summer’s heat blazed right through September and into October.  Something’s broken in me because even though I knew I should be grateful for warm sunshine-y skies and the absence of whirling winds, I was longing for cold.  I know there were a few other crazies like myself that were feeling the same way, including everyone else in our family.  We’ve felt a little out-of-sorts wandering through the crunchy dry forest.  Finally, the air has grown damp, the skies gray, and the air cold.  The wind chill this morning: 4 degrees.  Fahrenheit.  It’s time to take out jackets and sweaters and have nightly conversations about appropriate clothing:  Shorts are not great for winter.  Long underwear as exterior clothing is comfy at home, but not so great when we go to violin rehearsal .  The camouflage pajamas do make a great hunter outfit, but wearing pants is required when we get to the museum.

Getting dressed around here is a big deal. So big, that we have to dedicate some significant time to planning.  We avert many disasters by creating our “clothes boys” every night.  It is much easier to cope with the green socks with the white stripes being in the pile of dirty clothes before bed than it is upon waking groggy headed with expectations for the day reaching very ambitious levels.  It also allows G-man plenty of time to ponder exactly “Who should I dress up to tomorrow?”  And to ponder it again and again through the night.  And again and again the next day.  And to keep pondering until the pile of laundry created by G-man in 24 hours is equal to that of the rest of the family (all four of us) in about 3 days.   I will teach him to do his own laundry when he turns five.  I caught a recent clothes boy on camera, delighted in the ability of these two boys to accessorize so well at such a young age.

I really shouldn’t complain about the warm autumn weather.  It was actually quite good to us.  Blessed to gather with 6 other Enki-inspired homeschooling families at Rocky Mountain National Park to celebrate autumn earlier this month, I was hoping that our camping experience would be snow-free. I was expecting that we’d all be freezing at night.  It seemed unbelievable that all 18 kids in our group would sleep comfortably under  October skies.  They did.  And during the day we  played in the sunshine by the river.  We sang, danced, hiked, shared stories, chased elk, ate dirt (little Berg).

Our imaginations our playground, the forest our toys.  It was powerful and affirming to surround ourselves with such a great group of people who are all happily swimming upstream as we approach living and learning a bit differently than most.


2 thoughts on “autumn gatherings, clothes boys and other unrelated moments in time

  1. I still lay out my clothes and accessories at night, when I know that I’m going to be rushed the next morning! Otherwise I walk back and forth from my dresser to the closet, wasting so much time.

    1. We do clothes boy here too– I love to see him set in an action pose… We so loved gathering with everyone this fall. Hopefully it’s the beginning of an annual ritual– young bull descends to the meadows below as do a bunch of earth loving families 🙂

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