from the drafts:breathing gratitude

I have a tendency to write and not publish.  I have this foolish idea  that each post should include at least one picture.  The fact is I enjoy words more than pictures, so there are dozens of posts that get lost in my “drafts” folder.  Here’s one from last summer during T-ball season and the time of the sleepless baby .  T-ball season is over.  The sleepless baby seems to be making a comeback.

It’s been one of those weeks without much sleep, which makes everything seem so much bigger, like the Gulf and the fact that I forgot to brush my teeth this morning, again.   It is easy to get in a loop of negativity.  I must admit I have filled my head with lots of sadness and fear and do myself no favors by flipping through story after story and picture after picture from the troubled waters – somehow I feel like it’s my duty.  But, ah, really in our own sweet life, there is really nothing but good things happening.  So I’m trying to dwell on that in hopes it will part the grumpy fog.  Here are a few things that are making me smile:

A little boy with two teeth who, even when extraordinarily over tired, expresses his fatigue in loud exclamations of da-da-da-da and mmmmmmmmm.  Really, I wish I could be so cute when I am tired.  I assure you, I am not.  Ask my family.

Another bigger boy who tells me at least once every five minutes how much he loves me.  (I need that so much right now.  I think he knows it.)  He also tells me, “You be my coach.”  And I give him directions to run fast to the post and back.  And he does run fast, as fast as he can, with the most beautiful running stride, telling me he is ready for soccer.  Then he comes back from running (10 times and still not out of breath) and exclaims that he scored 4 points and that he has good news that his team is winning.  Yeah, with enthusiasm like his, his team will always be winning, even if they aren’t really winning.

And another even bigger boy who is playing his first “real” game.  He, too, likes to keep track of points, but then likes to tell me that the only thing that really matters is that we have fun.  He also likes to remind me that he has the best T-ball coaches in the world.  And he does.  I am happy he is appreciating others so much.

And I am also loving that when your people don’t sleep and you need nothing but sleep, a short drive, on a sunny day, with a car full of kids, the windows down, and the music turned up loud is better than the best cup of coffee.


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