dave takes over

I’ve held my ground  for 6 years.  Though Dave takes the clippers to his hair every couple of months, I’ve insisted upon scissors for the boys’ haircuts.  That is, until the boys took the scissors to their hair themselves. Reparations were needed, and the clippers seemed the only option.  Today, Dave took over hair cutting.



I think we may have an annual shearing.  The boys were delighted, though a bit ruffed up.  (Mama and the scissors are a bit gentler.)

We’re not taking the clippers (or scissors) to this little one yet.  Here’s a dose of Little Berg.

Some people are drippin’ in diamonds.  Some people are drippin’ in toys.  Lucky me, lucky me, look at what I’m drippin’ in.  Lit-tle Bo-oys!


One thought on “dave takes over

  1. And they look ever so handsome!!! So much happens in a matter of day! Life looks good from biking, to haircuts, to tree drawings..I love reading your family stories!

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