I was gifted a walk under this sky.  By the time my day comes around, I am a bit spent on cake and festivities.  A simple quiet walk was just perfect.  I listened to the sound of running water, obscured from view by the frozen blanket of winter, which has not yet yielded to the thaw, not completely anyhow.  I remembered when I was rejoicing in the sound of snow falling from trees, as I waited.  Now we are complete, and I move on down my path, as mother of three boys, unsure where that will lead, glad that as I grow older, I don’t feel like I need to be in front of my path anymore.  It’s getting easier to walk slowly, not looking too hard, maybe catching a view of where the trees part a bit, or sometimes just looking right where I am standing, and that being enough.


3 thoughts on “36

  1. You are the wisest 36-year-old in my world and I look forward to 37 and beyond, since I got short-changed by at least 24 years of the first 36…Goodness we’re old friends now, aren’t we?

    You are my quiet place of peace.

    First full day of work today. I’ll go look at the sky if it gets busy and think of you.

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