unlikely places

I am drawn to this space, once again, to record memories of the seemingly insignificant moments of our life — the little bits and pieces that seem so ordinary that we move past them, without noticing.  The same moments that I know, years from now, I will be so grateful to revisit.

If I dwell a little longer on the bits and pieces of the day, the roots of gratitude for this sweet life  grow deeper.  And with a grateful mindset, I find myself noticing the extraordinariness (I love that word: extra-ordinary) of all our ordinary living, and the roots of gratitude keep growing  deeper.  If there were only one thing that I could cultivate in our garden of life, it would be gratitude.  It seems worthwhile to dwell a bit.   With that in mind, I’ll be using this space to notice bits of our little people’s lives as of late.  There is so much to notice, I hope to be visiting this space a bit more often, as life with three boys and a gaggle of teenagers allows.

unlikely places

Perhaps some of you that visit blogland are familiar with the corners of my home theme.  I am drawn to this idea, though I am neither a delighter in photography or home decorating.  Nonetheless, I do like purposeful spaces, especially the play spaces for the boys.  I enjoy arranging toys to invite play and avoiding clutter to create a feeling of  fresh possibility.  Yet, time and again, the boys’ best play always seems to happen in the most unlikely of places, like here, at the entrance to the pantry, with all of its clutter and un-play-related stuff.

It seems that while I feel openness and organization invite exploration, for the boys, cave-like spaces and clutter are  full of so many possibilities.  In actuality, it is perhaps the synergy of the two that strikes the right balance.  Regardless, it makes me smile to see the kind of play that goes on harmoniously for hours spontaneously evolve from a corner in the kitchen.


One thought on “unlikely places

  1. I much agree. I try to edit and rotate and keep all the toyables all fresh, interesting and open to creativity…only to find Gus with his cheek pressed against the floor beneath my feet under my kitchen office desk, holding one of his Daddy’s carpenter pencils and delighting in rolling it toward his face…

    We’ve been into cardboard boxes, we get as many as we can carry at the grocery store. We cut them, stack them, mash them, inhabit them, hide stuff in them…then when we’re through we burn them in the stove…I so wish Gus had more of that lazy, haphazard, and oh-so-elegant sibling play, play dates are fun but not the real thing….

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