Old Man Winter

Make no sound, I am Old Man Winter!

Watch the moon shine on the new fallen snow.

Take heed of my darkness and sleep in the silence.

Take heed of my darkness and sleep long and slow.

We’re a bit slow in paying tribute to Old Man Winter.  In fact, today he seems to be taking a rest and letting Princess Spring strut her stuff.  Since we’re on a winter kick here, though, I thought this a good time to share how the boys digested the tale of Old Man Winter, one of the Enki nature stories that brings seasonal changes to life, in the form of a seasonal table.

The story and associated work/play is the core of  Enki science, which emphasizes a child’s natural connection to the living world and their place in it.  Story plays a central role in Enki, as children are “picture thinkers”, taking in the whole and feeling it with their bodies and their hearts in a manner that likely escapes most adults–we’d have to work to disengage our brain’s analytical tendancies.  The verse, at the opening of this post, is a tool to connect with the story and also a bridge to reading and writing skills, introduced in a manner that is meaningful and poetic.  More on that another time, but for those of you that worry whether Emmett is really learning in his homeschooling experience, rest assured, there is lots of rich learning happening, though don’t tell Emmett, I am hapy to report that he doesn’t grasp the notion that learning is just for “school”.  Learning and play are synonymous, as they should be.

Since Emmett is getting older, he is making his own contributions, other than building and arranging, to our seasonal table.  Old Man Winter is his work.

We also draw from other seasonal stories: The Snow Children and Ollie’s Ski Trip, which inspired the Snow Queen.  The boys were pretty insistent upon a companion for the old man in the blue cloak.  Do you see the little gnomes tucked away for a long winter sleep?  This was also very important to E-man.  I love how that mirrors a child’s desire to be tucked away and safe–the fort building instinct at work.


And last, because we have been remiss in sharing our little bundle with those of you that visit us from afar, here are a few looks at little Berg’s expressions these days.  Anyone else notice the fair skin, the light hair, the blue eyes?


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