these last weeks

We’re slow to get our holiday celebrations going here.  With a very important birthday in late November and another in early December, we like to let the holiday festivities wait a bit to give the birthday boys their time in the spotlight.  We make a twist on the 12 days of Christmas, beginning the season on the Solstice and celebrating through New Years Day.  We all love feeling like we’ve just gotten started when others are winding down.  One of the traditions we started a few years back and continue to revise is sharing things we are grateful for from the year past and things we are looking forward to in the year to come, one of each shared on each of the 12 days.  This year we are hanging our thoughts on the tree and it seems that so much has happened in these last few weeks that all our gratitude is wrapped up in December.

::new life::

Do you see that ring on my finger?  My love gave that to me on our ten year anniversary, also the day we found out that we  awaited the birth of another baby BOY.  We were awe stuck.  As we celebrated ten years in love, we envisioned life with three boys.   I love this photo that represents the  memory of that  conversation and the enactment of its visions all wrapped into one.  We’re all enjoying little Berg so much.  His grunts, squeaks,  smiles, winks, scrunches and stretches have us all watching his every move.  Hard to believe that he has been earthside a month already.


After three emergency rooms, each  in progressively bigger cities, we were so happy to see the return of our feisty G-man on Christmas Eve and feeling incredibly grateful for Western medicine. Even though it fails us in some situations, it has no substitute in others.  That we can access healing modalities from all places leaves me profoundly grateful.

::growing up::

Yahoo!  First tooth lost on Christmas day.  The big tooth is already in its place.


Visiting here and there and enjoying our new neighbors, Omi and Opa. It is so, so good to have them near and so, so right.

::extended family::

Missing our borrowed teenagers and looking forward to their return in the New Year.

And that’s only the last few weeks!  There is so much more.  This year has been life at its best.  Is it really possible to be this rich?


3 thoughts on “these last weeks

  1. WHat a joyful post. I particularly love the photo with the littlest one and the ring…such completeness. Joy to you all.
    ps – what happened to poor G? I’m glad to hear he’s well, at any rate.

  2. I plan to have more boys in the “shop” soon 😉 Though your boys are among the few that I’ve drawn. (Do you mind if I put their sketches in the shop?) Seems like everyone else I know has girls. But…yes, I hope to paint more boys in the new year!

  3. Happy New Year Manzella family!

    (I will put the prints in the shop, but don’t buy them please – I’ll send you as a gift. I’ve been meaning to do that anyway. OX)

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