looking back::being present

We’re still lost in the world of baby love.  We spent an evening, as a family, all heaped in bed, looking at photos of each the boys when he was only days old.  Each babe is distinctly unique.  Though, we are tempted to define little Berg’s features as E-man’s or G-man’s, it is clear that each boy is his own person.  A t the same time, they are all tied together by their brotherhood, which shows up in chins, brows and noses.

As all photo wandering  goes, we ended up meandering to  many different times.  We are so blessed with so much to love.  It is plain overwhelming.  And in these days of juggling many different needs, our little journey served as a beautiful reminder that the important moments are tied up in all the everyday struggles to get snow pants on, muddy boots off, bellies full and clothes clean.  Today, as I took out a mass of  clothes from the dryer, I sorted out belongings from each man in my life, littlest to biggest.  There is something quite magical about that mess of family that sits in a laundry basket and then gets sorted into individual people piles.  It’s kind-of like life, how we all emerge from a tangled mess of family to become our own unique person, only to get thrown back into a tangled mess of family to emerge again and again.  And as I sat alone with that heap of clothing, I recalled clear as yesterday, the first time I folded E-man’s impossibly tiny clothes. I was full of wonder.  Today I am feeling so grateful to be pulling impossibly tiny clothes from the heap once again.


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