This boy is six!  And six is BIG.  So much bigger than 5.  And this boy has lived his six years with more passion and intensity than some people live their whole lives.  It is hard to keep up, but it is a joy to ride along.

He is ready for mountain biking and skiing.  Given that I am already reasoning with him about why he shouldn’t try to ride his bike down the stairs, I am curious to see how mountain biking evolves.  ( I wonder, am I being silly?  Perhaps little Berg will be riding down stairs when he is five, the son of a mama broken in to the lives of boys.)  This weekend he and his Dad are headed out for their first day on the hill, he with his first, official, paid for season pass.  He plans on skiing all the blue runs this year and I would bet  that it won’t be long before he is skiing much more difficult terrain.  Like I said, six is BIG!

And there is nothing like a birthday to get our new family of five functioning like normal.  Here I am concluding my first of many baking days in the kitchen with my three sons.  One, of course, is sleeping through the whole thing, but he was part of the experience nonetheless.  And with a good sling hold mastered we are ready for anything.  Anything except the wintry weather that is beautiful, but just a bit frigid for the taste of my toes–a high of 7 keeps me and my tiniest babe inside, enjoying the beautiful snowy scenery and chomping at the bit to get outside and breathe in the quiet and the cold…when it gets just a bit warmer.


2 thoughts on “6!

  1. You are the Queen Momma of birthday crowns! I’m in awe that he is SIX, that is BIG!
    WOW, I’m out of words, Berg is beautiful. Love you all

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