days before earthside

a walk in the woods
soaking in the synergy of sun and snow
in between breaths i hear the occasional sound
of snow falling from trees
and i keep thinking there is something
following me

and maybe there is

i come home to the sounds of guitar strumming
and wild squeals of joy
daredevil antics
that your brothers will share with you
much too early for a mother’s liking
and there are screeches of frustration
when the needs of young boys are not met
by each other
by me
by circumstance

needs so great that it is impossible
for a young boy to move past them

and soon you will  give us the gift of your presence
and your needs  so great that it will be impossible
for anyone to move past them

and with that
we will all be so very present in each second of our day
we will stop and watch you just breathe
and we will all sigh
at the miracle

i look forward to that
and i thank you also for giving me these last moments of sun and snow and silence
and the sounds of our family


4 thoughts on “days before earthside

  1. beautiful words that brought tears of joy to our eyes with excitement for you all and the hope of us creating #2 in our world here. you’re in our thoughts daily. much love and goddess support

  2. to the before you were born stoires..and to the many firsts that lie ahead. The first kiss, first breath, first open eye, first brother hug, sending constant blessings of a beautiful birth.
    mush love to you and your family

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