A little tedium to make a point:

I organize our photos by season.   I give three months to each season.  That makes for even proportions, which appeals to my former math teacher self.   I realize this organizational strategy is a little optimistic in the assumptions it makes about how long certain seasons actually last up here in the high country.  The three months I relegate to autumn are September, October and November.    Calling November an autumn month is a stretch.  A long stretch.   Now, take a look at this assortment of photos, each taken from a separate outdoor adventure from this year’s autumn photo folder (and mind you we have not even reached the end of October).

autumn post

Is the presence of snow remarkably evident to any one else?  Ah yes, it has been a wintery fall in these parts.  We’ve shoveled on the last day of summer, picked pumpkins from 6 inches of snow in 20 degree weather, and today we sledded in over a foot  of the white wet stuff as we watch the snow continue to fall.  Duchess Autumn is doing a miserable job keeping the Snow Queen at bay.  But we aren’t complaining, just reveling in the silence that is unique to a fresh snow fall, followed by the song of a sunny post-snow day.


2 thoughts on “Autumn?

  1. No tedium too small to capture my attention….my pictures are organized by month…not very imaginative, but very reflective of the rigidity that that is innate to me…

    Anyways, I hunger for snow…I would take it in the middle of June if I could get it…so nice to see your pictures and revel in them from afar…

    Got your comment about cutting hair…I’m encouraged to try again, with every passing day it looks better…

    Thinking of you all much in these highly expectant days…have a wonderful birthing experience and love, love that new tiny Manzella…

  2. Hello, I came across your blog while looking for other Enki families. Your photos (and your kids!) are gorgeous – it looks like you are having a fantastic Autumn. Almost time for Winter!

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