our own best secret place

We’ve relocated.  In our new surroundings we are living on top of our neighbors, surrounded by wilderness. This arrangement requires a new approach to how and where we play outdoors while at home, which has sent us searching for our own best secret place–a little hideaway to walk to that we can call our  “backyard”.

secret place

We found it.  Complete with rocks to climb, sweet aspen groves, and enclaves of pines to protect us in the winter.  But the best part is the little creek, possibly spring fed (we have more investigating to do), that gurgles as it creeps down the the valley.  It is more that we could have every hoped for.  So just as E-man requested, we’ll be going back every day. And maybe, this special place will be just what we need to get inspired to share, once again, the treasures of our days here at connected at the  roots.


5 thoughts on “our own best secret place

  1. Oh I’m so happy you’re posting again! We’ve missed you! Looks like you’ve found another beautiful place to wander. Can’t wait to read more.

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