Enki in the wild

Easter was cause to celebrate all the new that is coming our way, including our shared homeschooling journey with the Eamonn family.  We shared a little story and ceremony, along with an Easter egg hunt.


The Eamonn family has been our partner in Forest School.  It is awesome, in the truest sense of the word, to share a love of child-led explorations in wilderness with another family.  It isn’t  easy to find someone who will bundle up and brave snow, 30 mph winds, and outfitting a troupe of  kiddos for a romp in the woods,  but it always makes for golden times.


When we get into the wild, we  follow the kiddos lead, letting their imaginations carry them wherever they will.  We try not to direct, but we do encourage  exploration which feeds their imagination and their bodies.  Stories are told,  songs are sung,  and the kids reenact favorite plots and craft new tales to fit their environment.

mountain lions on the lookout
mountain lions on the lookout
sawing just becausesawing just because

It is pure magic.


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