spring’s other face


With a foot of snow on the ground and more falling it seems the perfect time to remember spring’s other face.  Not too long ago we were splashing in the Big Thompson River.  These earlier-than-they-should-be days of spring, the kind that get us all giddy, thinking that maybe, just maybe, spring’s gentler side will stick around, can’t be missed.  In no time, the creeks and rivers of the valley will be raging.  Rubber-boot wandering will be too dangerous for little folks.  So we wandered and we reveled!


On a trip to the Midwest, we glimpsed some of the earliest signs of spring,  bits of green, flowers, leaf buds.  All things that we’ll be waiting on for quite a bit longer here in the mountains.  The Midwest’s version of spring was wholly hers: gray skies, rain (not snow!), green, magnolia blossoms, singing frogs, thunder, forsythia, puddles, the swiftly moving Mississippi, daffodils, muddy water, busy birds, all taken in along side family.



Two very different springs.   Both equally fickle.


We’re letting those thoughts carry us through the snow storms.  Greatful for a few more chances to play in our snow clothes and so very happy for the flora that will drink up these spring snows and give us fields of rainbows this summer.

And last, a little of nature’s whimsy!



3 thoughts on “spring’s other face

  1. I was glad of our “early spring” with the cherry blossoms in San Francisco, especially when the spring bloom was quashed here in Denver. I think it’s a good thing – to remember to take nothing for granted. It has also made me look around for different forms of beauty in this very different sort of season.

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