trust and worry

Yup.  I trusted him and  worried, just a little. And then, today, he and a friend rode their bikes so far into the distance that as I chased them down, every  passersby warned me of their “at least a mile” head start.  I freaked out.  We all learned a little.  Well, Eman learned a lot–how to get started on his own without someone holding on and the joy of riding while standing up.  Tonight he told us,” I had fun riding when you couldn’t see us.  Me and Cedar, we talked.  We talked about how we can ride hard to get up hills and how to slow down so we don’t go too fast down a big hill.”

Don’t you remember that feeling of freedom?  Taking care of yourself.  The wind in your hair as you go so fast.  There is no one but you and your friends.   That is a good feeling!

And me, I am  back to work at celebrating, trusting, and worrying.  Just a little.


2 thoughts on “trust and worry

  1. Hello,

    Just found your blog and really like your philosophies and ideas. I felt the same mix of elation/apprehension when my (soon to be) five year old son first skiied and then rode a bike on his own. Aren’t we so lucky to share all these experiences with our kids. And aren’t you lucky to be riding bikes in February!!!!

  2. I remember feeling free and big and important when I first set out on my own…but now I just feel crazy for letting Gus even get a taste of it.

    There is nothing as strong as that Momma-worry instinct, the only thing that’s an even match…is a small child’s curiosity…

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