being busy and slowing down

The action here is becoming ridiculous.  A blessed kind of ridiculous.  One week there has been  bike riding,  skiing, rock climbing, swimming, and trudging about on snowshoes looking for trolls (of which there were many).  Eman provides the momentum and then informs us regularly that he is worn out.  Gman, well, he has been pleading to stay home, read books, and play pirates.  So we are switching our focus from the over eager 21st century family that has to get out and do everything to the enjoy the home life and back cookies scene.

I have realized that although I had hoped to discuss all sorts of educational topics here, and although I have all sorts of big ideas swimming in my head, what I have known and continue to relearn is that we all (me included) learn a lot more when I stop thinking so much and just play trains, ride bikes and bake cookies.  Well maybe not bake cookies.  I am really not the mom that bakes cookies.  In one of my extended mind travels, however, lead to our family’s  decision to take up this beloved educational philosophy that I have been pondering for a few years.  The “school” of my dreams. That means that kindergarten will be happening at home–hopefully, along side another family or two.  OK.  I said it.   Phew!  I am so excited and a bit daunted–a great way to feel.


Oh, and the picture: Gman painting his toes while wearing  his pirate goggles.  The goggles are for keeping the water out of his eyes as he rides at the front of the ship and orders the driver (Eman) to “Drive on!”  I don’t know where he gets this stuff.  And the goggles, they are permanent.  Like sleep and wake for two weeks kind of permanent.  They don’t stink.  Yet.

A pirate with pink toenails.  I love that kid


3 thoughts on “being busy and slowing down

  1. Whew…I’m so glad you said it (first). Gus isn’t even 2 yet, and I’m thinking (on my fitful mind travels) that he will learn so much more, better, and with more thought from me/through me and his Daddy “baking bread and wandering in the Forest” (remember you were the one who said that…it’s stuck with me ever since…I’m excited to see/hear/learn how it goes…hurray to you! And pink-toed pirates are VERY hip this year!

  2. I love the goggles and pink toenails look.

    And I also will be eager to see how your home kindergarten evolves! I am thinking along similar lines still, and still undecided.

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