bicycles and parenting

He can ride.  All by himself.   That means he can move a lot faster than I can, as I run behind carrying his little brother.  He rides ahead and slowly disappears, out of site.  I trust him and I worry, just a little.  Other mothers smile as they pass us by in acknowledgment of this big event, which is about so much more than just riding a bike.


Strong roots grow strong branches and then one day the leaves take flight.


5 thoughts on “bicycles and parenting

  1. Hooray….I cant believe how BIG they are!! Congrats Emmitt..we can’t wait to bike with you! I am a bit embarassed I still haven’t captured Cedar on camera!!!

  2. Jacob can’t wait for the day Gus gets on a bike and rides off…not me, I’m VERY HAPPY that he still needs me to push him…more control that way…not enough trust yet…congratulations to you both…what a moment in time!

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