a deeper united

Today was amazing.  The kind of amazing you want to just keep thinking about.  The kind of amazing that percolates into every thought, every word, every act you commit.

As we watched President Obama at Eagle Rock, I was surrounded by the hope of youth.  Amongst the optimism, however, bitterness and contempt  lingered.  We heard it from the crowds that booed a man of a past we are eager to leave behind.  I heard it from my contemporaries as they traded sharp words about a man we are all eager to usher out. And it would be easy to join in, in fact, I started to.  But then it became so clear that  it is time to move on.  It’s time to remove our Bush bumper stickers and leave the resentment behind.  It is time to fuel ourselves with hope and action.  It is time to unite with everyone.

Every single one.

May this deeper sense of united only grow stronger, and when it feels weak, may we dig deep  and know the well of understanding always exists.

Happy Inauguration Day!


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