winter colors

 We hunted for colors in winter and found a lot more:

lichen cloaked rocks in orange, chartreuse, and gray

soft moss

old rose hips tenaciously clinging to thorny branches

two aspen that have twisted around each other as if they have mated for life

an abandoned wasp nest

aspen trees that have been somebody’s lunch–Eman wonders: caterpillars? and requests that I look for caterpillar scat!


rocks to climb


Winter’s  wonders are clear to see amongst the bare earth and trees.


Winter Wednesday


4 thoughts on “winter colors

  1. Amazing things to observe in winter….I noticed our rose hips this week too as I was going about my daily routine. They are such a pretty shade of red-orange. I think I bring some in to put on our nature shelf.

    Thanks for sharing your walk and your photos.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. Hi!

    I found your blog via your comment on Handmade Homeschool. I too am a homeschooling mama who was once a teacher, and I can appreciate what you say about unlearning your teacher ways! I see we also share some of the same blog inspiration.

    Your winter colors photos are lovely. I’ll look forward to coming back to visit!

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