a clean slate

The hard drive faeries must be running short on memory.  They came and took all of mine away.  The good folks at Apple gave me a new hard drive and, with that, the unavoidable clean slate, which, all things considered, I am appreciating.  There were some beloved photos, some great music, and a whole lot of other stuff that I have yet to remember that took flight with the faeries, but what was left behind was a little reprieve from the cyber world.  It was refreshing.  I am going to carry forward with greater intention to not let the temptations of the cyber world creep into our days and Dave and I are exploring the idea of a cyber sabbath, a day, once a week, to unplug, entirely.  Seems small, but it can be tough!

All of this corresponds, strangely, with our hopeful participation in some great endeavors in blogland that we hope to join in the coming weeks. 

The Outdoor Hour Challenge creates a focused, yet informal, study of some aspect of the natural world supported by Anna Comstock’s Handbook of Nature Study.  

Hosted by the same blog is the Winter Wednesdays, a much appreciated effort at getting families outside and fascinated by the wonders of winter.  

 And last, Lori at Camp Creek Blog will soon be rolling out the Camp Creek Club, which is sure to be an experience that will stretch our minds, question our assumptions, and fill us with the joy of learning. 

All that means there will be a few new themes floating around here on connectedroots. Eman is ready to document with the camera.  You’ll be seeing some of his take on all this goodness in the coming weeks as well.  

And as for this photo-less post.  I am still catching up from the little reprieve I mentioned earlier, and the clean slate I am working from, it has nothing to share but clipart.  Grandparents, I’ll take care of your little-boy fix soon.


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