I’m changing things up here at connected at the roots. Collecting my thoughts. Redefining my intentions. Re-purposing this space.

The change is fueled by a passion for an intentional and thoughtful examination of our journey to educate and nurture our youth. Like many, I am troubled by the path we are on. I dream of a new journey. A journey that takes us deeper, to a place where learners of all ages are freed to explore themselves whilst discovering their role in their family, their community, society, the environment and the universe. And also a journey that widens our notions of education beyond the cognitive being to the being in us that is connected to everything: friend, foe, animal, plant, sky, water, sun, cosmos. This will be a hopeful place with a focus on a spiritual direction for education in our home and musings on those pursuits elsewhere, both in intimate contexts and larger societal frameworks.

Now rest assured, dear grandparents, there will still be images and tales of the little folk we all love. For after all, this journey in learning starts right here with us. There is nothing more relevant than the moments that make up our days. Our musings may just take on a slightly different context, to be enjoyed and shared most definitely, but also to encourage us to ponder, question and dream

Let us all remember that we are all connected at the roots.


3 thoughts on “re-purposing

  1. I look forward to seeing where you go with this. As always, I love the places your mind goes when it comes to raising young people. YOu’re an inspiration to us all.
    I meant to tell you, I have taken your nature table idea and run with it…finally. We repurposed a table last week. At QQ’s age, of course, it is pretty much leveled and cleared on a daily basis, so it doesn’t have much “form” yet. But it’s a QQ level, and she loves it.

  2. right on, sister. i’m eager to ride this wave with you to a new way of visioning this world of ours. i’ve been thinking lots lately about a new ecological consciousness/ worldview (school stuff). i do believe you are on the path- we may never get there, but our kids might. excited to join you in some way on the journey.

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