tricks, treats, travelling

On 10/31 we found ourselves on the road, headed South to gather the rest of our belongings for the final leg of our move to Estes Park. We were a little sad to miss out on Haloween in Mayberry Estes Park, where the police close down Main Street to all vehicular traffic for a centralized costume show and goody bonanza. We heard the pinnacle of the experience is the free caramel apples that the local taffy shops pass out.

So what does one do when travelling on Interstate 25 with a bear and a construction worker in the back seat as dusk approaches on October 31st? Take the next exit, look for Main Street, and start knocking. G-man was baffled by the entire scene, having fallen sound asleep before our exit, he was abruptly woken up, adorned with the last pieces of his costume, and shuffled off to a stranger’s door with a bag in his hands and orders from E-man to say the required words. He caught on quick and was quickly greeting everyone with a joyful “Happy Ween!”

The residents of Walsenburg were tickled that we selected their home town for our traveling Trick or Treat destination. We were asked to return again next year. Despite the invitation, I think we’ll plan on giving those caramel apples a try next year.


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