sinking our teeth into something new

E-man’s first visit to the dentist.  This is big stuff.  Dentists are like super heroes–intriguing, mysterious, scary, do-gooders-for-teeth.  E-man was brave and the experience was painless.  As a matter of fact, today he asked if we would visit the dentists again when we move back to Colorado.

Did you catch that?  

When.   We.   Move.   Back.   To.   Colorado.

Yup, in a month we are packing up and heading to Estes Park, gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. Dave was offered a position at his school of dreams.  We’re all very excited and a little crazy (our house has already morphed into something indescribable) and a little sad to leave new friends and this little corner of the mesa we love so dearly.


E-man and I have started a little project to capture, in photo, everything he loves about our corner.  He has a long list of things he will miss and an equally long list of things that he is looking forward to, like the sledding hill in our backyard, the new chicken coop we will build and his new and improved playroom.  Mind you we have no idea where we will be living in Estes Park, but that is just a small detail that really doesn’t warrant any concern.  E-man already has it all figured out.  And G-man, this is nothing to him.  He is already on town #3 at 2 years old.


One thought on “sinking our teeth into something new

  1. Brynn! You are moving back to Colorado just as I depart! Good luck with everything and give my best to Dave!

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