back in the saddle

Our little download cord for the camera has been hiding, which means all of our photos and movies have been trapped. Today we unearthed the sneaky little cord, which means the photos have been freed! So here are a few unrelated glimpses into our lives.

A little wandering at one of our favorite spots in Colorado.

A feathered friend lost.And a new feathered friend venturing our for the first time. I don’t know how these little fledglings make it. This little one just stared at me, unable to fly, no where to jump, Mom and Dad chirping helplessly from high above. So sweet. So scary.


One thought on “back in the saddle

  1. Oh, the depth of the pain in those faces over the chicken! Breaks my heart!
    I had a run in with a mama and fledgling starling in the tree out front the other day. Mama was teaching baby to steal from our garden 😉
    and I came out to water the flower boxes. Mama hopped over the wire fence to safety but baby couldn’t make it yet. Mama screaming angrily at me and baby looking from the ground to the top of the fence and back again. Finally figured out he could just walk THROUGH the fence to the other side. Mama still angry because he couldn’t manage getting back in the tree…she’s herding him around in circles…very sweet! I went back inside to give them some peace.

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