mockingbird cont.

My throat hurts.   For our Mockingbird neighbor.  He doesn’t stop.  Really!  He. Does. Not. Stop.  Cornell Lab’s All About Birds (I love this site!) says the following:

  • The Northern Mockingbird is a loud and persistent singer. It sings all through the day, and often into the night. Most nocturnal singers are unmated males, which sing more than mated males during the day too. Nighttime singing is more common during the full moon. In well-lit areas around people, even mated males may sing at night. 
  • A Northern Mockingbird continues to add new sounds to its song repertoire throughout its life. 
  • The Northern Mockingbird typically sings throughout most of the year, from February through August, and again from September to early November. A male may have two distinct repertoires of songs: one for spring and another for fall. One study found only a one percent overlap in song types used in spring and fall. 
  • The female Northern Mockingbird sings too, although usually more quietly than the male does. She rarely sings in the summer, usually only when the male is away from the territory. She sings more in the fall, perhaps to establish a winter territory.


(Thanks to All About Birds for this photo, too.)

Today he traded in his cheery songs for lots of angry shouting.  I have reason to believe that all of this raucousness is due to the fact that there may be a nest in the top of the Big Blue Spruce that marks the path to our little home.  His nest.  So we’ll take the angry shouting, along with the cheerful singing.  We’ll leave our windows open so we know he is still there.  (Her, too?)  And we’ll keep peeking, at that place that he keeps peeking, in hopes that something may come of this lovely obsession I have.

Oh, and in loyalty to my (genetic?) predisposition to loving birds, I have added a new page to Connected Roots, a Backyard Bird List.  If you are interested, there is a link at the top of the page.

Tweet, tweet!


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