held accountable

Dave is away for the weekend.  With him, left my desire to cook.  A new cookbook, however, led me and the wee men to take out the mixer, heat up the oven and try out a few gluten-free, dairy-free (ugh, we are so high-maintenance!) baked goods. The muffins were ready right about dinner time, so we each ate a couple while jumping on the bed.  The sun was sinking and I proclaimed it to be pajama time.  “But what about dinner?”  E-man asked.   I fumbled a bit. (Oh yeah, dinner.  But who does dinner when Daddy is away?)  “We had muffins for dinner!”  I exclaimed, hoping my enthusiasm would be convincing.  “But we need something healthy, like vegetables.  Maybe some celery or broccoli,” E-man insisted.  

What’s up with that?  I suggest we can have peach muffins for dinner and my four-year-old insists we need vegetables.  Who taught him such nonsense?


3 thoughts on “held accountable

  1. What a hoot! Can I send you Gus for some early “veggie imprinting”? We would love to have you over for knitting…come and bring the boys…I have some broccoli ready in the steamer…miss you

  2. I was just posting this morning about how un-crafty I am…and yet I do manage to find silly things that I absolutely HAVE to make for Flynn!

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