The new banner is a shot of our nature table, which began quite some time ago as a static tribute to the changing seasons. You know, little things collected while outdoors, colors that set the mood, keys and wallets. Combine 3 parts inspiration from E-man, 1 part rummaging through firewood and 2 parts mama wielding hacksaw and the nature table has evolved into a nature play scape, one of E-man’s favorite places. You can barely see a couple of his wax nests perched atop the tall pillars.  E-man loves nests.  I love to see how it evolves, and evolve it will. We’ve got plans for bendy creatures of the woods, stairways, furniture and countless additions that are yet to be found out doors.  I’ve got plans to learn how to use some wood working tools.


3 thoughts on “naturescapes

  1. I love it! You’ve taken a nature table and made into this imaginative and magical little setting. Getting some wood working tools is a great idea…we have quite the stash of wood here and I bet carving away at a stick can be very meditative.

  2. I commented on this the first time you had a picture….this is my absolute favorite thing EVER!! I love it, and I intend to borrow your idea when we have Flynn. It’s pure inspiration, and something my parents would have thoroughly approved of.

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