switching things up

I have tendered my letter of resignation. E-man has been appointed as our domestic god, G-man his assistant. He is going to make me look bad. He plans on mopping every day! I’ll never get my job back. I could rarely manage once a week.

I was spared the pain and embarrassment of the event. Dave stayed home to oversee the transition, while I worked. But maybe it’s not fair to call hiking into the Rio Grande Gorge with a fun bunch of fifth graders work.

It is so, so good to see kids come alive in the wild: boys huddled over piles of treasured rocks, girls scrambling up rocky hillsides, everyone begging to wade in the cool spring. We were supposed to focus on local geology. Little bits may have been retained. When you’re inside every day, all week, being in the wild should be just about being. Being with the wind and the water, the sky and the soil, the spiders and the birds. Wouldn’t moving schools outdoors be the best thing we could do for kids? I look forward to the five remaining days in the field. It sure is good to be surrounded by youth in the wild. Life as it ought to be.


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