We’re refreshed. We’ve reconnected. A few days of just us. A few days without agendas, errands, chores and toys. Ahhhh. dsc_0027.jpgWe’re tickled by the fact that we made the trip in the diesel car, powered by waste veggie oil. It was a unique pleasure traveling the towns of Southern New Mexico, which seemed to be untouched by time, in an old sedan with the kids in the back, no air conditioning, and an old push-button radio with spotty reception.dsc_0034.jpgdsc_0048.jpgThe boys have grown up since our last camping adventure. Though camping while crawling is possible, walking is a definite upgrade. And four and two, they are quite compatible. Sometimes friends, sometimes loony, always busy. It’s a whole new adventure in brotherhood, too.dsc_0077.jpgThe White Sands. Well, I’ll let them speak for themselves.dsc_0064.jpgdsc_0069.jpgdsc_0085.jpgdsc_0071.jpgAnd one last shot of the best part of camping, according to E-man.dsc_0097.jpgLife is good.


3 thoughts on “campin’

  1. I agree with EMan … s’mores and toasting marshmallows are the best part of camping … especially for breakfast. YUM! Great Uncle Greg likes them burnt like that.

  2. That tent picture is spectacular…and makes me so nostalgic for our camping days! Seems like we haven’t had enough time for that sort of thing in the past couple years! Sniffle.

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