more spring

The signs of spring just don’t stop. I just love this season of rediscovery.

The boys are happily playing outside together, gardening in fact. Planting bird seed in a forgotten corner of our oversized yard. Maybe if enough rains come we’ll have a patch of sunflowers. While gardening, they have requested privacy, which leaves me with little bits of time on my hands in the middle of the day. I am not complaining.


After a two-month molt, the chickens are laying again. Any one care to join us for omelets? We are thinking about adding a few chicks to our brood this spring. We won’t be getting these crazy little babes. I am fond of feathered feet, so we may go with a few more Brahmas or the Araucanas, which lay blue-green eggs.


And last, we glimpsed a Spotted Towhee. I don’t know where they go for winter. Maybe just to the neighbors where they fill their feeders more regularly. I am sure a visit from Omi will fill us in on the towhee’s habits. Wherever the little Haloween colored bird was hiding the past several months, we’re glad to see it back.


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