more spring love

E-man has been talking about flying kites since the middle of winter, spurred by Jane and Michael Banks of Mary Poppins fame. Several weeks ago, the whole family sat down to make little paper kites adorned with plastic bag tails and fishing line. But there wasn’t enough wind for flying. With March came the winds and renewed hopes for flying kites. Yesterday, after emerging from G-man’s nap dungeon, I found our house empty. A search outside lead me to E-man, exuberantly flying his little paper kite while belting out “Let’s Go Fly a Kite, Up to the Highest Height, Let’s Go Fly a Kite and Send It Soaring…”


An upgrade from the paper kite was made that afternoon. Now E-man is flying a parafoil 250 feet in the air. It’s tough to capture kite flying in pictures, but you can see how delighted this little guy is. We have a new reason to love spring.


I leave you with a gratuitous photo of mesa skies and evening light.


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