s p r i n g ?




















Do I dare say it? Spring, is that you? Don’t be shy. We are all so excited to see you, but don’t worry, we’ll respect your need for distance. We love your fickle ways. Thank you, spring, for the green things that seem to be bursting forth from the mud. Thank you, too, for the sunny day. Sunny enough to hang laundry outside. Sunny enough to be serenaded by songbirds through open windows. Sunny enough to dry muddy roads. Sunny enough for bicycle rides and for evenings outdoors. Such a love affair we have with you, Spring! Thanks, too, for tempering yourself. Thanks for the abundance of snow on the mountains, for a month more of skiing for our dear E-man, and for months more touring in the snowy hills that lie West of us. We aren’t in any hurry, Spring. So don’t feel like you need to put on a good show for us. We will gladly enjoy you when you’re here. We won’t curse you when you leave again, letting Winter in on your way out. And, most importantly, we will always welcome you back.


One thought on “s p r i n g ?

  1. A very nice tribute to an eclectic and wonderful season! It’s being typically fickle around here, too! I’m loving the surprises it brings!

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