what four-year-olds do

This evening at the dinner table we had a little discussion about E-man’s upcoming birthday. He is very excited. He’s been talking about all of the things that four-year-olds do for several months. With his birthday only four sleeps away, it seemd the right time to really think about this milestone. E-man decided that as a boy of four years he will:

1. Clear his plate from the dinner table.
2. Place any food he can’t eat, like the pieces of zuchinni he picks out of his soup, in the chicken slop bucket. This is an ongoing issue for our family as E-man likes to deposit unwanted food items on other family members’ plates. I am confident that he will get over this by the time he is 20. I have not noticed any adults placing unwanted food on their dining companion’s plates.
3. Pick up and organize toys before sitting down to dinner.
4. Gather chicken eggs.
5. Paint whenever it tickles his fancy, which means he’ll do the set up and clean-up.
6. Ski.

This is all E-man. We adults listened well and provided only a little encouragement and clarification. It’s exciting to see him so empowered by his approaching four-year-old-hood. Leaves me thinking about what things thrity-four-year-olds do…


2 thoughts on “what four-year-olds do

  1. Keep meaning to send comments, I love reading your blog! Can’t believe he’s going to be 4 already! Big hugs to all of you, amy

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