fast forward

I am happily getting ready for E-man’s birthday. I really dig this birthday stuff. There’s crafting and recipe hunting and lots of cooking to come. Somehow I have been roped into the idea of cooking TWO different birthday cakes for the last two years. The cake requests are changing daily. We started out with plum cake. As you may have guessed, plums are hard (impossible) to find in the Northern hemisphere in December. We have moved on to banana cake and ginger cake. Making it all gluten-free will add a fun twist.

Since I have been pretty lazy about posting, I’ll catch up in pictures. The mesa has been good to us.

leaf jumping

a visit from kindred spirits



bird watching with Omi and Opa (note the 38,000 snow geese all in one place)




road sledding

head standing

Hope you’re all having fun, too!


One thought on “fast forward

  1. I place unwanted food on Mike’s plate all the time. Sometimes even on the plates of total strangers, neighboring diners, unsuspecting dinner guests…
    I also take WANTED food FROM other people’s plates. My husband, fortunately, is understanding. Other diners? Not so much.

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