I am so grateful to be a mother of boys. There is something very rich about being so close to someone who is inherently different. To witness intimately the most tender and fierce emotions, all the while feeling that there is something a bit different, yet so familiar because, after all, this male life grew inside of you. Embedded in that experience is a tremendous amount of respect, an absence of judgment like none other that I have experienced. It is enlightening.

mama of boys

I don’t have daughters, though I am one. I am sure being a daughter and having a daughter are very different experiences and embedded in that relationship are wonderful gifts and revelations that I likely won’t know from both ends. But, because I was never a son to my mother or father, there is freshness to this experience that is awe-inspiring.

super brothers

I have been perseverating on these thoughts since Dave and I had a little afternoon date to see Wes Anderson’s new film, Darjeeling Limited. I heart Wes Anderson, and this film did not disappoint. The story is one of family, specifically three brothers. I left feeling so warm knowing that E-man and G-man will have a life-long relationship that is external to me yet somehow familiar, more familiar than any relationship between men that I will ever know. That feels beautiful.

How about you other mothers of boys?  How do you feel?


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  1. As the mother of a boy for nine weeks now, I’m simply excited to see an interpretation of myself in the other gender and at the same time, I begin to see glimpses of my husband in my son … a very pecial gift to witness stages of him long before I ever met him.

    My little Gus is sweet and he is brave and he is tough … I spent so much of my life trying to understand boys and men … and now I get to enjoy, guide and raise one. I’m overjoyed by it all.

  2. What beautiful thoughts you have and I share them with you. I also had the great experience of raisng , knowing and loving my too wonderful sons so many years ago. It seems like only yesterday that Dave and Chuck were sitting on the family room floor playing with their legos as I just watched and smiled and felt so much love for them. I thought that oneday I would have a little girl…that didn’t happen…It must have been ment that I had these special boys and that one day I would have beautiful, kind and thoughtful girls who woud be there for my sons and would bless them with children of their own. That indeed did happen and I feel blessed with all of them in my life !

  3. We spend so much time is spent watching and wondering about these two little spirits we are raising and watching their identities develop – one a wild and fiercely independent girl that I recognize and, in so many ways, understand. The other, this little boy, both gentle and fierce, who will some day be a man. It was funny, when Emmett came along I remember feeling so surprised at having become the mother of a boy; it was a feeling like none other, so strange, and unfamiliar. I was married to one, I was a daughter to one, and a sister to one. But this was altogether different. That feeling still lingers in many ways – the same way that you can look at your own children and watch them grow and want to pinch yourself sometimes to check if what you’re seeing is for real. I get the sense that that is one of those amazing parenting wonders that never totally disappears.

    Lately, I am also be amazed by this intricate family web of inter-connected relationships: brother-sister, mother-daughter, mother-son, father-son, father-daughter. And that it’s all so fluid – we just keep evolving and changing in relation to each other. Lately, my greatest joy comes from watching Claire and Emmett develop their own bonds that are totally separate from their parents. Some days it even happens that one does for the other does what I cannot – console, understand, appease … what an amazing journey! I love hearing and sharing these stories – it adds a whole nother dimension to this beautiful web.

  4. Our two boy Leo and Exodus remind us a new everyday just how luck we are. We have two bouncing- and I REALLY mean bouncy. you have to see it to believe it- little boys! Watching the spark in their eyes as I teach them something, or they discover how a light switch works is so rewarding. Leo, our oldest is in constant motion, yet he is so gentle with Exodus. He is always concerned about his well being as well, telling a friend at the park “Friend, be careful of my brother”. Exodus has taken to comforting his friends when htey are sad with hugs. We are so proud of our little guys and we marvel at what we empart to them, and what attributes are completely unique to them.

  5. Thanks for coming by my blog!

    Yes, the mother of two boys. It has been quite an adventure and a blessing for us. I do feel sad that I won’t mother a daughter (we are not planning any more children), but I also feel, somehow, that I am meant to mother boys. I also love seeing the two of them and how they interact; what they share and how they differ.

    Thanks for such a thoughtful post.

  6. Hi Brynn, I stumbled upon your site and looked around a bit. You have a beautiful family I am very happy for you.

    Speaking of boys I have one of my own and boy what a boy he is!! He is 18 months old and he amazes me everyday. Being as he is the first boy in my immediate family he is a constant source of entertainment at family dinners. He seems to be a very independent boy, likes to hang out outside, gives kisses and pats on the back when he is naughty, and really likes cartoons (too much I think). The feeling of being a mother on Mothers Day was so awesome.

    Hope all is well with you family,
    Jen Barton

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