a little detour

I am not inclined to discuss touchy subjects here. Connected at the Roots is about joy and gratitude, not a place for debate. However, my mind’s been spinning. It seems the same spins are happening in noggins all around me and I just can’t ignore it. All the spinning makes for great ideas that we should all ponder and enjoy: a friend thinking outloud about homeschooling, a clip by Sir Ken Robinson from the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference, which I extracted from the very inspired soulemama, and a link from a random email I received from a group at the University of Pennsylvania. (I am gratefully an accidental addition to someone’s mailing list.) But perhaps the most inspiring is the magic I see every day in the workings of the boys’ minds. All of this spinning is about education, about our future, about joy and hope.


I have so many thoughts streaming through my head, but I think the most essential aspect of my dreams for the boys’ future is that they will be valued as essential contributors to our society, just as they are, even at one and four (almost) years old! That they have embedded in them (as all children do) a freshness in thinking and a joy in living that we adults desperately need. In the clip linked above Sir Ken Robinson says that education is meant to equip us for a future we can’t grasp. How can we adults, the creators of our children’s problems, know what they will need to be successful, to change the direction of our world? We can’t. So what we must do is provide them the joyful opportunity to grow in their own unique way, to foster as many ways to think and problem solve as there are people, to be confident in themselves, to take meaningful risks, and to make decisions with intention instead of following the same path to college with little thought about where that path leads. Let’s not create children that think inside of the box or outside of the box. Let’s let them flourish in the box-less world of a young child’s mind for as long as possible. Let’s stop doing so much teaching of our children and start learning from them.

Tomorrow, I’ll return to my regularly scheduled programming. May you be inspired to get in touch with your inner box-less child.


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