Happy Halloween!

It’s been a very Halloweeny day. Though E-man has been deadset on dressing up as a farmer for weeks, maybe months, a neglected superman action figure at Dave’s school had him thinking otherwise this morning. So, we left our pajamas on, carved pumpkins, roasted seeds, and created capes. At 4:00 I loaded up our two supermans and we headed to the Plaza where the Haloween spirit runs high and the sugary treats, though present, are modest in quantity. There were even organic lollipops. (Hmmmmm?)


E-man has NO idea who superman is, so together we decided that he is someone who makes people feel good. He made a point to give lots of hugs, share treats, and be a willing helper. Superman even does dishes! Maybe I can convince E-man to wear his cape for another few days.


One thought on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I love your stream-of-consciousness post, and especially the line about learning from our children. That’s one of the things that excites me most about our journey to parenthood – that it will give us the opportunity to start learning again in whole new ways. That’s a gift that parents and children are able to give one another, and what greater joy than that?

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