I was ecstatic at our first sighting. The mighty critter below was decidedly out of place on our little patch of green. I thought the experience a novelty. Days later we stumbled across three to four tarantulas a day. Guess they are looking for mates. Who would’ve guessed there’s a tarantula mating season?


An interesting tidbit: Female tarantulas can live up to thirty years. That means some of these wandering ladies have been living on the mesa longer than any current human occupant. I wonder what they think of their new neighbors.


One thought on “TWO

  1. Cool! When I was a kid and we were living on the ranch, it was my dad’s personal crusade to save every tarantula that had the poor foresight to cross the road. And there were a surprising number that did. The awful thing was that people would actually swerve TO HIT THEM when they saw them on the pavement. My dad would come to a screeching halt on the side of the road, get a shovel out of the back of the truck, raise his hands to stop traffic, and go out to pick up the tarantula in his shovel and carry it to the other side of the road. He was such a love sometimes. Once he brought one home for me and we kept it for about a week in a makeshift tank with a screen lid. It was not happy with us, though, so we released it.

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