We’ve been away, not in the physical sense, but in the haven’t-made-time sense. Graced with visitors once again from distant lands:

My grandparents stopped by to see our new abode en route to San Diego to visit their FOURTH great-grandchild (finally, a girl!). They came all the way from Quincy, Illinois, a charming town on the banks of the Mississippi. At ages 83 and 88, a remarkable journey that we are so very grateful they made. E-man joined both generations of grandparents at my folks’ house for a solo sleepover. He and his Omi woke early to be present for the Special Shapes feature of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Special doesn’t do service to these gargantuan floating models of fish, darth vader and cows. He is proudly carrying cards from a couple of the balloons (of the normal variety) he saw lift off close-up and personal. I am left once again with an incredible urge to bottle this experiece to relive another day. There is something so magical about four generations together. I’ll just sink into that thought for a few more days.

The Pierangellis, dear friends from Colorado, spent the weekend in Taos. We have shared familyhood with them the last four years. It was such a delight to see their girls 6 months grown up since our last visit in Colorado. E-man delighted in playing “kitty” with Graziella, which entailed meowing, howling, climbing and crawling EVERYWHERE they went. Graziella is his first friend to enter kindergarten, which made for interesting conversations amongst the mamas of our two-family clan.

And last a visit from a microscopic critter that has set up camp in our tummies and wreaked havoc on our eating habits. We won’t be sad to see these visitors go. In the mean time we’re delighting in a little spoiling: movies in bed, vintage Seasame Street on You Tube, and for Dave, a day off of work to take the boys to the park while I return to some state of normalcy. No photos for now. That would entail standing, which isn’t a part of “normal” that I am doing yet.


One thought on “away

  1. ugh…sorry about your lingering family illness.
    your extended-family-times sound wonderful though! that is a thing to treasure indeed.
    Tennenbaums is my favorite Anderson as well. I think you guys would like Darjeeling – it’s really quite lovely, about family (I guess they all are). The short is just a snippet of the story that you don’t see in the main film.

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