fleecy goodness

We’ve been slow to blog while filling ourselves up with love from old friends. The equinox brought us to Crested Butte to share Vinotok with fellow kid-loving, dog-loving folks.


While this past weekend brought a visit from knitter extraordinaire, Lucy, for the Taos Wool Festival.


The fesitval was fun for all ages, with all sorts of furry and fleecy animals, including incredible angora rabbits with remarkable furry ears. Wish I had a photo to share of these commical creatures. Instead, I’ll share a photo of the little white furball, who has officially been accepted as part of our family. His name, E-man has declared, is Sage.


We were decidedly overwhelmed by all the beautiful and locally produced fibers, the amazing talent, and the endless possibilities for new crafts–felting dog hair just may be in my future. But for now, I am sticking with wool and E-man and I are both enthusistically admiring the supplies for the soon-to-be hats for each member of our little family. And with tonight’s expected low of 19 degrees, we’ll be needing those wooly hats in the frosty mornings.


So, until next year’s festival, we’ll have toasty warm heads while looking out at that big patch of sagebrush, wondering how an Alpaca might feel about calling the mesa home.



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