a new addition?

Dave found a little white furball cowering in the sage. We advertised our findings in all the appropriate places. After a little shift in thinking and some bonding time, we hope, every time the phone rings, that no one will claim this little critter. (We have been assured by many New Mexicans and animal shelters that abondoning a cute furball is par for the course. In fact, ONE of the Taos animal shelters sends 300 puppies to Colorado for adoption every year.) Our fingers are crossed and our hearts are committed.


E-man has naming rights, though we adults are retaining veto power. So far he is attached to the name Sage, but he has thrown Tuck, Tucker, Swallow and 45 out there. I like 45. 45 is E-man’s favorite number. Everything we do involves counting to 45. It captures this moment in time. Dave vetoed it. He says 45 is hard to call. He is probably right, but how cool would it be to have a name that you can write without letters?




4 thoughts on “a new addition?

  1. woah! he’s (or she’s) the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. and snuggley to boot. imagine a dog in the house that likes kid’s hands. i hope we get to meet him at our upcoming crested butte gathering.

  2. That dog is so freaking cute … I want to drive to New Mexico and tear down all of your signs so you get to keep him for sure!

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