harvest time

130 lbs. Of peaches. Harvested. By the Us. In 30 minutes.


Dave’s folks were visiting from Florida and we put ’em to work! (I hope they’ll come back!). I made a contact with an overwhelmed orchard grower at the Taos farmer’s market. A few phone calls later and a caravan of neighbors headed south to Velarde for a peach picking extravaganza. In all, the three families harvested 250 lbs of peaches, several pounds of tomatoes, pears, and apples and a nice bucket of blackberries. The berries were eaten before we left the orchard. It’s hard to keep blackberries around.


The real work began when we got home. But as I said, Dave’s folks were in town and my mom came up for a visit the following day. So we blanched, pealed, vacuum sealed, and mashed. (Thanks family!) We have bags and bags of peaches in the freezer and 20 jars of peach jam to enjoy through the winter. The remaining peaches are making their way to muffins, coffee cakes, scones, and neighbors. And just maybe my first pie hangs in the future. It’s been fun.


It’s also chile roasting time in New Mexico. Every weekend chile vendors are all over town turning their chile roasters and handing over steamy bags of green chiles to anxious customers. Our peach loving neighbors bought us a couple of bags and I made my first batch of green chile stew, made hearty with a naughty rooster from the dairy where we buy our fresh milk. Who new the farm life could be so good on the mesa!


One thought on “harvest time

  1. What fun! That’s a great round of pictures.
    Next year we’re going to have you come over and help us harvest our gigantor of an apple tree, which seem to produce about 300 apples a week!
    What we need is a crew…

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