introducing harold

A distinguished looking fellow who is beginning to show his age in a slightly dishelveld manner, though he ages well. The incongruous aesthetic of his name, Harold, and nickname, Harry, are analogous to his dapper appearance and fondness for greasy spoon cuisine. He is a reliable chap, difficult to rattle and equally difficult to rile. Though we don’t know him very well, we are confident we will relsih (and curse) his abundant indosyncracies.

Who is this gent, Harold, you may wonder….

Why he is our new-to-us, veggie oil-converted diesel Mercedes!


We were looking for a wagon, but the immediacy of our need for transport and growing desire to collect used vegetable oil from restaurant dumpsters forced us to compromise. I believe his not-quite-what-we-were-looking-for physique will allow us to cast aside any expectations of greatness and love him for his true self. We adopted him from a mom of two boys/diesel mechanic/veggie oil converting hobbiest. How cool is that?

Listen for the rumbling diesel engine and smell for the odor of french fry oil in your neighborhood. It just may be us coming for a petroleum-free venture to your neighborhood.

And if you have a moment more, check out the Dumpster Diving link on the right. Make sure to watch the movie clip. Quite eye opening.


One thought on “introducing harold

  1. There is a similar conversion place near us in Bklyn and greasy restaurants aplenty … we too have always fancied converting a Mercedes station wagon. If we ever get there, we promise to call her Maude!

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